Sofar Solar ME3000SP Controller

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So Far Solar ME3000SP is a battery storage management unit which allows AC coupled battery storage. There are significant benefits to using AC side battery storage. In particular is the ease of compatibility for the wide range of renewable energy systems – the So Far Solar ME3000SP will work with all single phase solar systems, and allows an expandable battery solution for the home, domestic and commercial use. The Sofar ME3000SP Controller currently works with the Pylon Tech US2000 Plus Lithium Battery. 

About The SoFar Solar Systems:

So Far Solar ME3000SP is a battery storage management unit which allow AC battery storage. There are significant benefits to using AC side battery storage.

Simple compatibility:

the system functions regardless of what set-up is present on the DC side. This means the system will work with String inverters, Dual string inverters or Twin Tracking inverters, Micro-inverters, Optimisers such as the Solar Edge Battery storage requirements, or even wind turbines. As long as whatever renewable technology is employed converts the energy it generates into AC electricity, it can work with the So Far Solar ME3000SP.

Simple Matching:

the So Far Solar ME3000SP system can be matched to any DC generating system. It only picks up the power once converted to AC, so you have no limitations which are caused by string set-ups, or voltage inputs, or voltage outputs! The existing system simply carries on doing it’s job, and the So Far Solar ME3000SP simple adds on lower down the system.

Simple installation:

the So Far Solar ME3000SP is generally installed close to the fuse board of the property. So there is no need to locate it next to the inverter for example. This means that all the necessary cables are generally available to clamp around for the sensors. There are 2 sensors – the AC supply to the property for monitoring power in and out, and the AC generation from the renewable source (which generally comes down to the fuse board on a single AC feed, or to a small dedicated consumer unit).

The So Far Solar ME3000SP only needs a separate MCB off the existing fuse board (or a dedicated unit). There is no plug point needed, as it can take any required power from this AC connection. The batteries must be located within 2meters of the So Far Solar ME3000SP.

So to summarise:

on AC supply from the fuse board to the So Far Solar ME3000SP, 2 local sensors to be fitted, and the battery pack to be installed close to the unit.

Simple Controls – the display on the unit could not be simpler. It shows 4 power levels. The renewable generated power (solar or turbine), the battery power, the property power and the grid power. With this system, if the renewable power does not satisfy the property, the battery will ALWAYS export in order to minimise ever buying from the grid. Therefore the sum of the above numbers will always return to Zero!


Simple Power Usage:

This system will always aim to minimise your property buying power from the grid. So at all times if there is power in the battery, and the renewable source is not covering the house load, it will deploy power. This is a huge improvement from a simple fill in the day and empty at night type of solution, as it means you can gain much higher savings from your battery capacity.

Simple WiFi Monitoring:

the So Far Solar ME3000SP has inbuilt Wi-Fi unit which is simple to pair to the property router. A FREE to download APP is then used to monitor the performance on iphone or android.

Simple Battery option:

The SoFar Solar ME3000SP system works with an option of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 or 8 of the Pylon Tech 2.4kw batteries. These batteries are stackable, and can be linked to allow a system to be increased in size – or reduced in size. The So Far Solar are not compatible with all Pylon Tech batteries due to ranging firmware, therefore the Pylon Tech Batteries are only supplied with So Far Solar ME3000SP, and visa versa.

Simple Power Cut Solution:

The So Far Solar ME3000SP unit has a Critical Load function. This means that a dedicated supply can be set up to provide power in the event of power cut. This does not simply run the house, but a pre-wired plug point can allow lights to be plugged in, or a fridge until your power is restored. The available back up power will be determined by the level of power available at that time in your batteries!