Sofar Solar 2700TL Single Phase Inverter

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Think Renewables offers the Sofar Solar 2.7kW Single Phase Inverter which boasts a maximum efficiency of 97.1% and harnesses a real-time, precise MPPT algorithm harvest to achieve high yields.
Sofar Solar's approach to design allows for a wide range of installation locations. The integrated wifi and DC, along with the plug-and-play setup, offer an extremely quick, economic and hassle free installation.
The range now comes with a zero export & export control options without the need for wired connections or additional external devices.
Maximum efficiency of 97.1%
Startup Voltage: 120V
Max DC Voltage: 500V
Max input current: 13.5A
Dimensions: 405 x 314 x 135 mm
Weight: 12kg
Warranty: 10 years


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