Off Grid Solar Systems

Off-Grid Solar Panel Systems can be completely self-sufficient or partially grid connected. Read on to explore the differences.

Fully off-grid:  

This is a place where no mains grid is available – perhaps due to huge costs for the national grid to run power, or due to the desire to be self-sufficient.

  • In most cases up until now, these remote areas have relied upon diesel generators which have large running costs. Currently, an average home costs around £450 per month in fuel plus servicing.
  • With solar panels, fully off-grid power can be achieved although the initial costs are usually slightly higher than a generator, but lower than paying for the mains power supply.
  • These systems are regularly designed using Solar PV to power the building along with battery storage for extra power when required, as well as at night.
  • Systems generally include a small generator for times when power is low (typically winter) or the power requirement is very high.
  • Systems without generator backup are possible however this is not usually the most cost-effective method and will depend on the site.


Partially off-grid power:

When mains power is available but not desired or is intermittent, it can be useful to be more independent of the mains grid with a partial off-grid system.

  • The system is similar to the above consisting of solar PV and batteries. The difference here is that the mains power can be used as a backup or generator, saving thousands on maintenance and fuel costs. We call this a grid connected battery storage system with backup.
  • For a residential system bills can be reduced to almost 20% or lower if other energy steps are taken to increase efficiency.


All our off grid solar panel systems use the LUX power hybrid inverter. The Lux power Hybrid has a built in EPS function and change over switch which allows these systems to work for off grid applications. The LUX hybrid can also store from 2.4Kw to 19.2Kw of battery storage per controller and through its advanced paralleling feature you can add as many Hybrids together to give you a greater production and storage.

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