Growatt MeBoost

£165.00 excl tax
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SKU: GR-MeBoost


Think Renewables Intoduce the Growatt Solar MeBoost. The Solar MeBoost is designed to be used in conjunction with solar PV system, which surplus energy generated can be stored within a domestic hot water cylinder in the form of hot water. By monitoring the amount of energy being exported to the National Grid, the Solar MeBoost unit will divert energy into an immersion heater when the energy generated exceeds the amount of energy consumed within the property. Solar MeBoost controls the energy delivered to the immersion heater in proportion to that exported.

  • Wireless sensor for easy installation
  • Plug-and-play
  • Up to 3000W immersion heater capability
  • 2 years manufacturers guarantee FEATURES
  • Get free hot water from your solar
  • Combined with solar power systems to reduce family electric bill
  • Increase your return on investment, reduced fuel and boiler usage